Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in Tampa, Florida!!

Hey everybody! I hope all of you had good Christmas!!!!!! We had a very good Christmas in the sun, with cousins, and SEA WORLD!!! It was sooo much fun! I will tell you about that part in a minute. OK, first we found out that my mom's brother and his family (Mark Russell III) were going to Florida 4 Christmas, sooo we decided to go to Florida too!!!! We are such a loving family! lol But my Gramma Snodgrass would be alllll alone for Christmas so we would go to Florida on Monday, and come back on Christmas Eve so we could be home on Christmas Day!!! It seems like the Christmas rush only ends... ... ... ummmm... in January??? rotfl Anyway, Sea Wold was a blast! First, we tried (remember the word tried) to get in the Shamu Show, but the KILLER whales weren't acting right. So we rode a roller coaster or two or three (lol) in the mean time so it was time for the next Shamu Show, and before we got there it was already PACKED OUT. (remember that word 2, lol ) So we went to a few other shows, but there was one that was so funny! It was the seal show, and the actors were awful!! And so the Shamu Show was coming again..... it was "packed out." Sad but true. :(:( So Grampa took Me, Katie, Chip, Jenny, and Grant to another roller coaster at night!! The real show that night was at the top of dreaded and feared by many (drumroll) KRACKEN! We were at the very top of this amazingly scary roller coaster it was exactly nine o'clock, and to the east we looked and what to our wondering eyes should appear.... fireworks !! People, it was gawgeous, I tell you! Then we fell to our fate and lost our voices screaming and yelling and posing for that stupid camera that is surprisingly annoying cuz you look like you ate a very sour lemon or just saw an alligator in your bathtub. Or if you're like our cuzn Grant Daniel Russell you look like a six year old who just saw all the school work he had to finish before he graduated. A blank stare that made my sister and I laugh so hard pepsi came out of our noses. Ummmm... Katie umm... just got the computer. lol She is surprisingly humorous! But after the " KRACKEN" we saw an ice skating show! In Florida! (made me laugh) Now it time to go. WAHHH! Then after that I think everybody would be very, very hungry! So we went to the world's largest McDonald's! Then all of us CRASHED!! My parents seem to love that word for some odd reason. But now I must go I will hopefully have some pics soon.

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