Friday, September 3, 2010


I am sooo sorry I have not been keeping this thing up! But as you all know my mom got cancerous tumors in her lungs and liver about three months ago. Since then our lives have been changed upside down!! But every day we thank God for all that He has done for mom and Maddie. :) But behind all that, our summer has been very fun!!!!! I posted ALOT of pics from the summer we have had. :)


KeyholeKayla said...

I am so glad you're mom is better,Tara!I was glad to see you and your family this spring! Love and prayers,Kayla.

KeyholeKayla said...

Tara,for strange reason you're the only person this computer will let me commet! By the way I have a new blog now called-Keyhole Girl.Well I'd better go now.